Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic Approach

I am a trained psychoanalyst and use eclectic psychodynamic techniques individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. I use cognitive and behavioral techniques when appropriate. Clinical research indicates that much of human behavior is unconscious and affected by past experiences. Through the therapeutic process, I help each patient understand how his/her psychological difficulties interfere with self satisfaction and accomplishing personal goals.

The relationship is central to successful treatment. I am an active participant in the journey towards symptom relief and self awareness. I challenge each patient to understand his/her unique conflicts.  All treatment is conducted in my Highland Park office and is strictly confidential.

Emotional problems are complex and take time to sort out. The length of treatment is unique to each person and can only be determined cooperatively between the therapist and the patient. Continuity is very important and I schedule patients for weekly appointments or more frequently as appropriate.


Although anxiety feels awful, it is actually your body’s healthy response to danger. What brings most people to seek help is when the anxiety is unremitting and interferes with one’s quality of life. This latter type of anxiety not only hinders your ability to perform at work and socially, but it also has a negative effect on your physical health.  I treat this condition by teaching patients to modulate their anxiety and together we explore your triggers. Once patients become aware of triggers that cause anxiety, they are in a much better position to manage it.


Depression is both a biological and mental health condition caused by both internal and external factors.  I help patients explore what conscious and unconscious stressors are causing the depression. Many of the factors that cause depression are not within the patient’s conscious awareness. By bringing the stressors into conscious awareness, patients will be in a position to make the necessary changes in their lives in order to alleviate their depression.

Eating disorders:

Whether you feel that are too fat, too thin, eat too much or not enough, if you binge and purge, you are suffering.  If you are obsessed with food and think about it most of the day, then you are suffering. I work with patients with curiosity and compassion to identify triggers for their eating problems and help them become familiar with their bodies’ signals for hunger and satiation. I help patients to break through the pain and painful obsessions, to understand what their struggles with food are about and to develop self-compassion.   I help patients not to be afraid of food, but rather to enjoy it.

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